28 / 02 / 2024


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Works from the art exhibition held during the VII International Synaesthesia Conference

Synaesthesia and art. The physical / digital challenge

29 October – 30 November 2022

The original exhibition accompanied the VII International Synaesthesia Conference held by the Artecitta Foundation in Granada & Alcalá la Real.


Artecitta Foundation

Curated by Timothy B Layden, Christine Söffing, Michael Haverkamp


Aula Magna del Convento de los Capuchinos

Calle del Obispo Ceballos, 1

Alcalá la Real, Jaén,



Frederico Barquero, Gaby Cardoso, MJ de Cordoba, Leonore Egbert, Carrie C Firman, Toni Fröhlich, Brian Harris, CC Hart, Michael Haverkamp, Jose Hidalgo PPH, Katherine Justiniani, Timothy B Layden, Marina Linares, Dolores Montijano, Sergio Pereira, Sebastian Rosales, Pepa Salas Vilar, Jasmin Rani Sinha, Christine Söffing, Raewyn Turner, Simon van Wees, Juan Garcia Vilar,  Ninghui Xiong

Video: Simon van Wees

Art talk #1

art talk #1

With the synaesthesia.art talks series we present the work of contemporary artists whose work looks at synaesthesia from diverse perspectives. The artists in our talks experience synaesthesia themselves, which informs their work. Each talk offers a unique look into the experience and creative processes of the artists we celebrate at synaesthesia.art.

Join us for synaesthesia.art talk #1 taking place on 28/02/2024 at 3pm (GMT), featuring talks by the following artists:
Moderation: Michael Haverkamp
Get the Zoom link to the art lecture right here on 28/02/2024.