About the project

Welcome to Synaesthesia.art !


We are a labour of love put together collaboratively by a small group of artists whose experience of synaesthesia inspires their work and has driven them to showcase the beautiful diverse work created within a global ever growing community of artists.


Synaesthesia is a relatively rare trait in about 4% of the population in which sensory stimuli, as well as cognitive aspects, are inextricably linked to another, usually different sensory experience. This connection usually occurs constantly and involuntarily. For example, music and sounds are also perceived visually, e.g. as coloured shapes; numbers, letters or days of the week are experienced as coloured and arranged in space, or words can trigger a sense of taste. Many different combinations are possible, and each is completely individual. (For more information on synaesthesia, see the links at the end).


Since the 1990s, this healthy variant of perception has been increasingly researched internationally. At the same time, the gradual networking of those who share this perception – synaesthetes – began.


In the meantime, associations dedicated to the subject of synaesthesia have arisen in numerous countries, while professional conferences and meetings have taken place on national and international scales. For example, the Spanish organisation Artecitta has regularly organised international conferences around synaesthesia since 2005.


In the autumn of 2022 the VII International Synaesthesia Conference held by Artecitta took place in Granada & Alcalá la Real. As part of this conference an exhibition featuring the works of synaesthete artists from around the world was held. We have chosen to showcase the work from this exhibition as our first exhibition at Synaesthesia.art hoping to reach a broader audience and promote awareness around synaesthesia and some of the wonderful work it has inspired in synaesthete artists.


We wish to offer synaesthetic artists a way to stay in contact, support each other and collaborate in virtual exhibitions, independent of physical exhibitions.


We would like to create an independent international platform for artists working synaesthetically, while networking and in exchange with synaesthesia societies such as Artecitta, IASAS, UKSA or DSG. By bringing the subject of synaesthesia into the public eye through art, we celebrate how artists base their creativity and expression on multisensory experience.



The synaesthesia.art team

Michael Haverkamp, Christine Söffing, Timothy B. Layden and Leonore Egbert







We hope to continue this project with future exhibitions and will provide more information about this and how to get involved on this website. We will post information about calls for future exhibitions on the Facebook groups of all synaesthesia societies, such as Artecitta, IASAS, UKSA or DSG.

If you would like to support synaesthesia.art to help make future projects possible you can donate to our cause via our gofund.me campaign.

Some of the art may be for sale directly from the artists. To find out more about this you have the possibility to contact the artists directly on their artist page.

Each artist page has a contact button at the bottom to connect to the artist directly.

The copyright of the artworks remains with the artists. The images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted, or manipulated without the written permission of the respective artist.